Scrapbooking Project

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Scrapbooking Project

Hi friends

I am an EFL teacher in Brazil and I am looking for partners to join a Scrapbooking Project.

This is the idea:

Project Description: Two classes from different countries start creating a scrapbook that represents the students' interests, lifestyles and culture. Each student will take the scrapbook home to express himself theough poems, texts, favorite lyrics, a story, drawing, photos, stickers, postcards. In summary, each student will have a chance to personalize a page. On a set date, the two classes send the scrapbooks to its partner country. The project aims to encourage authentic writing by providing the students with a real audience. Besides, it gives an opportunity for students to understand other cultures. The two classes will exchange e-mails or use a blog to keep in touch during the project.

Age: teenagers
Level: Intermediate or Advanced

If you are interested, join us now.
Write down your group information and e-mail in the comment box.
Any suggestions? Please, leave a comment.